25 Christmas Charcuterie Boards Perfect for the Holidays

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There is nothing better than arriving at a party and seeing all the snacks. Impress your guests (or be the guest of honor) by creating one of these Christmas charcuterie boards for your upcoming holiday party.

Christmas Charcuterie Boards

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Christmas Charcuterie Board Ideas

If you’re looking for Christmas charcuterie boards for the upcoming holidays, I got you covered.

Whether it’s for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, a holiday party with friends, or a night on the sofa with your partner – you’re going to love how delicious they are.

I mean, it’s essentially a fancy Lunchable, am I right?

What to make a charcuterie board on?

You want a base that won’t absorb the liquids, jams, etc. Here are some ideas:

  • Slate
  • Non pourous wood
  • Marble
  • Plastic (you can find BPA free options that look really pretty (or that look like wood or marble if you’re on a budget). My mom actually made one on a really nice platter from the dollar store before.
  • Large cutting boards

Transporting the charcuterie board?

Make it in a collapsible box. That way it says together, but you can lay it flat and make any adjustments needed once you get there.

If you want some easy charcuterie board supplies, I have compiled a list here:

Christmas Charcuterie Board Bases

You’ll love these bases I found for your Christmas themed charcuterie board.

Wine Barrel Inspired Serving Tray – Amazon

Acacia Octagon Boards – Amazon

Oak Oversized Serving Board – Amazon

Acacia 12″ Board with Handle – Amazon

The Happy Hippo Wood and Marble Board – Amazon

Slate Cheese Boards – Amazon

Marble Board Bases – Amazon

Geode Inspired Cheese Boards – Anna Quartz (I have art by her and she’s amazing)

Charcuterie Board Ingredients

Listen, I believe there are no rules when it comes to food. Eat what you love.

Charcuterie boards typically include cured meats, local cheeses, maybe some fruits, spreads, nuts, crackers, bread, etc.

Below are some delicious charcuterie board ideas that are simple and festive.

Christmas Charcuterie Boards

If you're looking for easy and delicious charcuterie boards for Christmas, you'll love these holiday graze boards.

Tell us in the comments, what’s your favorite Charcuterie board style? I love the Christmas trees and wreaths.

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