19 Unique Charcuterie Board Ideas That aren’t Meat and Cheese

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If you’re looking for unique charcuterie board ideas that aren’t meat and cheese, this is the post for you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a meat and cheese tray but it’s always fun to try new things. I’m so excited to share this round-up from hot chocolate charcuterie to a breakfast charcuterie board, you’ll find it all here.

fun and unique charcuterie board ideas for parties

Unique Charcuterie Board Ideas

Grazing boards are a fun and easy way to display all your snacks (or mini-meals) in an Instagrammable way that seems almost criminal to eat (almost).

I have to say the inspiration that hit while reviewing these boards was overwhelming. You can truly make a beautiful board out of anything (I’ve even seen tacos, burritos, and cupcakes).

Maybe a donut charcuterie board will be next on Party Food Favorites.

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Graze Board Bases

You’ll love these bases I found for your charcuterie platters.

If you’re on a budget or don’t want to spend money on a board, line a cookie sheet with foil, parchment paper, or another kind of paper. Or you can use kraft paper to line a table or part of your island.

Fun and Unique Grazing Board Ideas

I love how creative the bloggers are in this round up from a keto charcuterie board, valentines day boards, a waffle charcuterie board to hummus grazing platters, there’s so much on this list that I cannot wait to try.

Tell me what your favorite board is in the comment, or what unique idea you have for a snack board (whether it’s for when you have company or just for yourself).

19 Fun & Unique Charcuterie Boards

You're going to love these grazing platters, let me know your favorite in the comments. I personally cannot wait to try the dessert charcuterie boards (I have a sweet tooth).

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