16 Mardis Gras Appetizers for Fat Tuesday


It’s time for the famous Mardi Gras celebration! These simple party foods include delicious recipes for dips, appetizers, and desserts. You’re going to love these Mardis Gras appetizers.

mardis gras appetizers

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What is Mardis Gras?

Mardis Gras means “Fat Tuesday” in french. It celebrates the last night of eating rich foods before lent and occurs the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.

It has since transformed into a colorful carnival hosted in New Orleans, Louisiana every year. Fun, food, drinks, and beads are what come to mind when I think of Mardis Gras.

Rich and delicious food is served from crab cakes to croquettes, to shrimp, and don’t forget the seafood gumbo.

Traditional New Orleans Foods found at Mardis Gras

Whatever you order or cook, just know that there will be a ton of flavor. New Orleans-style food is anything but bland.

  • A whole lot of cajun spice. You’ll find this delicious seasoning on chicken, shrimp, etc. 
  • Hush puppies. These are cornmeal-based fritters. Here’s a hush puppy recipe from The Six Figure Dish.
  • Gumbo. A creole cross between a stew and a soup.
  • Po’ Boys. A delicious sandwich made with crusty french bread, roast beef or fried fish, pickles, hot sauce, and mayo or a house made dressing of some sort.
  • Jambalaya.
  • Andouille sausage.
  • King cake. It’s a marriage of coffee cake and a cinnamon roll, decorated in purple, yellow, and green. Some are made with cream cheese, some are not.
  • Beignets. These are like donuts, but better. I’m working on a recipe.
  • Beans
  • Rice (Red Beans and rice is a popular New Orleans dish).
  • Bananas Foster
  • Oysters

Mardis Gras Appetizers

When it comes to Fat Tuesday recipes, you can think of indulgent foods but today’s we’re putting a little spin on things here at Party Food Favorites.

Instead of traditional Mardis Gras dishes like jambalaya, gumbo, or crawfish etouffee which it’s a sit-down meal, we’re sharing casual Mardis Gras party food.

That means simple twists.

Instead of a muffuletta sandwich, there are skewers, sandwich bites, and even a muffuletta dip in this roundup.

Cajun is a big theme in a lot of these recipes from shrimp to nachos. Enjoy.

16 Delicious Mardis Gras Appetizers

Enjoy a bit of Mardis Gras at home with these 16 delicious appetizers. Perfect for a Mardis Gras party.

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