55 Easy Oreo Dessert Recipes You’ll Love

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If you’re looking for easy things to make with Oreos, I got you. These easy Oreo dessert recipes are a cookies and cream fan’s heaven.

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Easy Oreo Dessert Recipes

From Oreo pie to cheesecakes you’re going to go nuts over these oreo cookie dessert recipes.

I compiled a list of the best recipes from a variety of bloggers. The dessert recipes with Oreos below have the famous cookie somewhere in the recipe, whether it’s crushed Oreos into a pie crust or the main star of the show.

When in Doubt, Go Oreo

There’s something to be said about the cookies and cream flavor, there’s something for everyone. It’s one of the most popular cookies at the grocery store, and for good reason. It’s delicious on its own but, man alive, is it ever something when we crush them up for baking or sprinkle them in ice cream, flavor cupcakes, mix with peanut butter, and other sweet treats.

I think we’ve all been guilty of polishing off a sleeve or two from a package, am I right? Kids love them, grown ups love them. Cookies and cream dessert is always a safe bet, so when you’re scrambling for a potluck dessert or wondering what you should bring to a party go with the Oreo recipe.

More Crowd Pleasing Dessert Recipes

Cookies and Cream Dessert Recipes That are Simple and Easy

Oreos are a popular ingredient for a reason: They’re delicious. Why not make even more delicious desserts with them? Here are 50 easy and delicious dessert recipes based on Oreos.

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What’s your favorite oreo cookie dessert recipe? Please share with me in the comments.

55 Easy Oreo Dessert Recipes

Oreo lovers rejoice! Check out these 50 easy and delicious Oreo dessert recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth.

easy dessert cookies and cream recipes
oreo chocolate chip cookie dunked in milk with an oreo cake and oreo monster ice cream

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